Straight neck


Straight neck


Ideal or normal cervical spine has 42 degree curve. Straight Neck (A.K.A Military Neck) is defined as 0 degree of cervical spine from side view. The more one’s cervical spine loses its curve, the more likely to develop symptoms such as headache, neck pain, stiff shoulder or dry-eye.


  • ① Bad habit (posture when using smartphone or PC)
  • ② Whiplash
  • ③ Muscle imbalance


The green line is an ideal or normal curve, and the red one represents a patient’s. The photo on left is before CBP®︎ (Chiropractic BioPhysics) correction, and the one on right is after 3 month correction. You can see a clear change in the red lines from being straight to restoring a more natural curve.


① Advanced knowledge and skill

CBP®︎ is the most evidence-supported posture correction method to date. We provide this to correct your straight neck / military neck.

② Confidence

We are the only CBP®︎ certified doctors in Japan. We have treated more than 10,000 patients with straight neck / military neck in Japan and the U.S.

③ Evidence-based approach

Your x-ray images lead us to what approach works for you the best. We will report all findings with you, so that you can make informed decisions.


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