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Chiropractic was born as a healthcare profession over 120 years ago. Its main focus is to correct spinal dysfunction, in order to maximize healing power within. Spinal dysfunction is composed of misalignment and/or improper movement of the spine. It negatively affects muscles, joints, blood flow, and brain-nerve function. Thus, it interferes natural healing process.

Among all manual therapies exist to date, chiropractic is the only one recognized as a healthcare profession by WHO. About 100 countries include chiropractic in their healthcare system. Chiropractic is not just for back pain. There are 330 conditions that can be improved by chiropractic care.


■First Visit

※Consultation fee (¥3,000) will be discounted during 2022.

■Following Visit

※¥8,000 for neurologic symptoms; disc herniation, sciatica, headache, dizziness and autonomic nerve disorder.


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