Ideal or normal spine is vertical from front-back view. Scoliosis is defined as C- or S-shape of the spine. Women are prone to scoliosis, and early detection is extremely important to effectively stop from progression. If it progresses, your heat, lungs and internal organs will be severely compromised, and surgical approach will be inevitable.


  • ① Genetic reason
  • ② Hormonal imbalance
  • ③ Brain dysfunction
  • ④ Bad postural habit
  • ⑤ Muscle imbalance

Scoliosis stresses our body in many ways. First, because it decreases spinal function, it leads pain at any part of your body, and possibly neurological symptoms. Second, scoliosis compresses heart, lungs and internal organs, which decrease in cardiovascular and digestive functions. All of these contribute to the following symptoms

  • ・Pain in neck, back and low back
  • ・Numbness and tingling
  • ・Dysfunction of cardiovascular and digestive system
  • ・Chronic fatigue
  • ・Brain dysfunction such as memory loss or lack of focus


The green line is an ideal or normal spine which is vertical, and the red one represents a patient’s. The photo on left is before CBP®︎ (Chiropractic BioPhysics) correction, and the one on right is after 3 month correction. You can see a clear change in the red lines from scoliotic curve to restoring a more vertical spine.


① Advanced knowledge and skill

CBP®︎ is the most evidence-supported posture correction method to date. We provide this to correct your scoliosis.

② Confidence

We are the only CBP®︎ certified doctors in Japan. We have treated more than 1,000 patients with straight/military neck in Japan and the U.S.

③ Evidence-based approach

Your x-ray images lead us to what approach works for you the best. We will report all findings with you, so that you can make informed decisions.


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